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Recent Work

StellarDev is dedicated to providing engaging creations that exceed the expectations of their target audience. Browse through some of our recent projects below.

StellarDev designed and implemented the infrastructure for the NFT Worlds Survival experience, which enabled the game to handle over 3,000 simultaneous players at peak times. This was achieved by optimizing the game's infrastructure at the fundamental level, which resulted in exceptional performance.

AstroMC - a revolutionary Minecraft server that pushes the boundaries of gameplay.

This was StellarDev's first large-scale collaborative effort on creating a Java-Edition Minecraft Server. Our mission was to revolutionize the way people approached ownership by pushing quality content to the forefront of everything we did. Utilizing custom models, sounds, and everything we could to enhance the immersion within our gameplay We took the time to fully enhance each feature before moving on to the next; this unlocked an unmatched gameplay experience.

Enchanted Kingdom

At StellarDev, we were excited to discover the new possibilities of resource packs in Minecraft. We embarked on creating the Enchanted Kingdom, a compact experience that was rich with interactive elements. We incorporated small details such as leaves falling and custom sounds playing based on the region you were in. Additionally, we took on larger challenges such as adding a navigation bar that guides you to your next objective and integrating cut scenes when you first visit a new area. We also included fun features like a timed firework display behind the main castle.

Save The Monkey's

StellarDev organized an event aimed at raising funds and awareness for the issue of habitat loss. The event featured a competitive gameplay where two teams competed against each other to claim and hold multiple locations on the map in order to reach the winning score. To enhance the experience, we included custom weapon models and random in-game events.

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